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IHI 35V4

IHI 35V4

Zero Tail Swing Mini Excavator
Ideal for civil construction, drainage work and the landscaping Industry.

  • World-Standard Safety
  • ROPS Certified
  • Error-Prevention
  • All-lever lock
  • Neutral engine-start
  • Auto-parking brake in swing & traction motors
  • High Power Digging and Quick Response
  • Digging force increased by 10%
  • Quickly responsive 4-pump system
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Large covers for easier access
  • Easy Fuel Refilling
  • STD Bucket Capacity0.11m3
    STD Bucket Width600mm
    Operating Weight3525kg
    Machine Weight3450kg
    Swing Speed9rpm
    Travel Speed (Low)/(High)2.7km/h / 4.7km/h
    Ground Pressure29kPa
    Max Bucket Digging Force29.1kN
    Engine ModelYanmar 3TNV88
    Rated Output17.5kW
    Fuel Tank Capacity42L
    Boom Swing SystemBoom offset with hydraulic cylinder
    Hydraulic System Pressure24.5MPa
    Hydraulic Pump Flow37.4L/min x2 + 23.1L/min
    Max Digging Radius5260mm
    Max Digging Depth3080mm
    Max Digging Height4930mm
    Max Dumping Height3430mm
    Maximum Vertical Digging Depth2470mm
    Minimum Front Turning Radius2160mm
    Width To Outside Of Tracks1800mm
    Height To Top Of Cab2470mm
    Dozer Blade Width1550mm
    Dozer Blade Height380mm
    Dozer Blade Lift Above Ground385mm
    Dozer Blade Drop Below Ground430mm

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