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OMAC UP50 Hydraulic Puller

OMAC UP50 Hydraulic Puller

Hydraulic puller fit to pull one rope in laying underground power and fibre optic cables. One hydraulic circuit allows to continuously vary the speed in both directions.

  • Max Rope Diameter14 mm
    Dimensions LxWxH4,00x1,80x1,65 m
    Weight (without rope)1490 kg
    Fuel TypeDiesel
    Power35 hp / 26 kW
    Starting12 V
    Max Pull50 kN
    Speed at Max Pull13 m/min
    Max Speed80 m/min
    Pull at Max Speed8 kN
    Reel Capacity with 14mm Wire800 m
    Reel Capacity with 12mm Wire1000 m
    Reel Capacity with 10mm Wire1500 m

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