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Powerful Drive Train

  • A Cat C4.4 ACERT engine with twin turbochargers is combined with a hydrostatic transmission to give you improved fuel efficiency and the most power-dense drive train in its size class. The hystat transmission offers superior maneuverability, faster steering response and greater capability to utilize full blade loads.

Eco Modes

  • Eco Modes optimize engine speed, while maintaining ground speed, saving up to 17 percent fuel in lighter blade load applications like finish grading.

Reduced Idling

  • Efficiency features reduce engine speed when idling, or shut the machine down after a specified time, to further save fuel and meet idling regulations. Engine Idle Shutdown shuts down engine after pre-set time to reduce idling and help save fuel.

Traction Control

  • Automatic traction control is standard and automatically reduces track slip in poor underfoot conditions, improving productivity and finish surface quality.
  • Engine ModelCat C4.4 ACERT With Twin Turbo
    Engine Power97 kW / 130 hp
    Bore105 mm
    Stroke127 mm
    Displacement4.4 L
    Weight13,271 kg
    Pat BladePower Angle Tilt
    Blade Width2900 mm
    Travel Speed0-10 km/h
    Fuel Tank260 L
    Hydraulic Tank64 L

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