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CAT D6N LGP High Track

CAT D6N LGP High Track

Power and Efficiency

  • Increased net horsepower, coupled with a new
    lock-up clutch torque converter, give you up to
    10% more productivity (Compared to the previous D6N model) in most applications.

Ease of Operation

  • Programmable features like Enhanced Auto Shift,
    Bi-Directional Shift and Slope Assist help to
    significantly reduce operator effort. Enhanced cab
    features are designed to help operators work more
    comfortably and reduce fatigue.


  • A Cat C7.1 ACERT engine gives you
    the power and reliability you need.
    Improved fuel economy over the previous
    model and efficient use of Diesel Exhaust
    Fluid (DEF) gives you excellent overall
    fluid efficiency.

  • Engine ModelCat C7.1 ACERT
    Engine Power112kW
    Bore105 mm
    Stroke135 mm
    Displacement7.1 L
    Weight18,346 kg
    Pat BladePower Angle Tilt
    Blade Width4080mm
    Transport Width3020mm
    Fuel Tank277 L
    Hydraulic Tank29.5 L

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