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Doosan DX140WDoosan DX140WDoosan DX140WDoosan DX140WDoosan DX140W
Doosan DX140WDoosan DX140WDoosan DX140WDoosan DX140WDoosan DX140W

Doosan DX140W

The DX140W takes even the heaviest tasks in its stride with efficient dependable performance that saves you time and money.

Improved hydraulic system uses the engine's power more effectively maximising pump output and offering more comfort smoothness and accuracy.

Increased digging power lifting capacities and traction force combine for performance you can rely on day after day.

Greater fuel efficiency means you can keep costs down and reduce environmental impact.

  • Operating weight14,400 kg
    Engine power102.2 kW / 137 HP at 2000 RPM
    Main pumps max flow2 x 170 l/min
    Number of cylinders6
    Travel speed37 / 32 / 10 / 3.5 km/h
    Maximum traction8100 kg
    Buckets0.24 - 0.76 m³
    Sound level (internal / external)70 dB(A) / 101 dB(A)
    Overall width2500 mm
    Overall height (Mono/Arti boom)3242 mm / 3242 mm
    Overall length (Mono/Arti boom)7420 mm / 8010 mm
    Tail swing radius2205 mm
    Bucket digging force9.23 t
    Arm digging force (Std Front)7.74 t
    Max. digging reach (Mono / Arti boom)7585 mm / 8210 mm
    Max. digging depth (Mono / Arti boom)4490 mm / 5025 mm
    Max. digging height (Mono / Arti boom)8195 mm / 9060 mm

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