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Lonking CDM6065

Lonking CDM6065

  • Yanmar TNV series engine, low noise, low emission
  • High efficiency dual air filters and fuel filters
  • Parallel radiator cooling system
  • LUDV power balanced hydraulic system with safety lock joy stick
  • Large LCD monitor provides a convenient visual operation interface
  • X-shaped undercarriage with heavy-duty box structure
  • Free maintenance track with non- lubricated pins
  • No frame cab glasses to enlarge the visual field
  • High performance and healthy A/C allows the air circulate
  • Comfortable suspension seat with hydraulic damper
  • Heavy-duty boom and arm with high strength low alloy structural steels
  • Heavy-duty bucket with high strength and wear-resistant steels

  • Operating Weight6050 kg
    Std. Bucket0.25 m³
    Bucket Range0.1 - 0.33 m³
    Ground Pressure32 kPa
    Travel Speed2.5/5.0 km/h
    Swing Speed11 rpm
    Gradeability35° (70%)
    ModelYanmar 4TNV98(Euro IIIA)
    Rated Power44 kW (59.75 hp)/2200 rpm
    Displacement3.319 L
    Fuel Tank95 L
    Max. Pressure of Implements24.5 MPa
    Max. Flow of System156.2 L/min
    Hydraulic Oil Tank115 L
    Boom Length3000 mm
    Arm Length1550 mm
    Bucket Radius937 mm
    Max. Arm Digging Force (SAE/ISO)28/31 kN
    Max. Bucket Digging Force (SAE/ISO)40/45 kN

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