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Sumitomo SH135X-3

Sumitomo SH135X-3

Improvements to precision maneuverability
Precision maneuverability that functions exactly as the operator intends
has been made possible through the employment of a new type of
rotational bearing.

Rotational ABS
A rotation shock-absorber device has been installed to soften jolts that
occur when the vehicle halts rotation. This is particularly useful for
pinpointing position, and preventing spillages during manual operation.

Employment of speed assisted mechanics
Through employing an oil return system in the arm and boom,
speed assisted operations for digging, as well as fuel consumption,
have been improved.

Ground Level Access
Various parts of the excavator can now be cleaned and changed from ground level without climbing
onto the body of the vehicle. Maintenance is no longer troublesome.

Comfortable and spacious cab

  • Arm Length2.39 m
    Bucket Capacity (ISO heaped)0.50 m³
    Std. Operating Weight14,200 kg
    Make & ModelISUZU AJ-4JJ1X
    Rated Output70.9 kW/2000 min⁻¹
    Displacement2999 ml(cc)
    Main Pump2 variable displacement axial piston pumps with regulating system
    Max Pressure34.3 Mpa
    Travel MotorVariable Displacement Axial Piston Motor
    Parking Brake TypeMechanical Disc Brake
    Swing MotorFixed Displacement Axial Piston Motor
    Travel Speed5.0/3.1 km/h
    Traction Force114 kN
    Grade Ability70% <35°>
    Ground Pressure46 kPa
    Swing Speed10.0 min⁻¹
    Bucket90 kN
    Arm64 kN
    Fuel Tank165 L
    Hydraulic Fluid Tank130 L

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