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The 12H blends productivity and durability to give you the best return on your investment.

Power Train - The field-proven 3306 engine offers
exceptional lugging performance and
fuel efficiency. The power shift
transmission features smooth, on-the-go
shifting and electronic overspeed
protection. To increase productivity, the
direct drive transmission has eight
forward speeds and six reverse speeds.

Hydraulics - The load-sensing hydraulic system
lowers power consumption and system
heat. The control valves provide low
lever effort, balanced flow and
consistent implement control. Blade
float is incorporated into the blade lift

Drawbar, Circle and Moldboard - The blade linkage design maximizes
moldboard positioning. A long wheel
base allows the operator to obtain a
more aggressive moldboard angle for
better material movement. The rugged
construction of the drawbar, circle and
moldboard, and use of replaceable wear
inserts provide durability and minimize
maintenance costs.

  • Engine ModelCAT 3306 Turbocharged Diesel
    Flywheel Horsepower (All Gears)104 kW / 140 hp
    Blade Width3058 mm
    Operating Weight Total (Approx.)14,248 kg
    Peak Torque (Net) At 1200 rpm 682 Nm
    Torque Rise30%
    Displacement10.45 L
    Bore121 mm
    Stroke152 mm
    Fuel Tank284 L
    Hydraulic Tank38 L
    Moldboard Length3658 mm

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