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The 12M delivers multiple technological breakthroughs to give you the best return
on your investment.

  • Operator Station - A technologically advanced cab,
    featuring joystick controls, provides
    unmatched comfort and visibility.
  • Steering and Implement Controls - Two joysticks offer precise control
    and unparalleled ease of operation.
    This advanced technology makes the
    12M the most operator-friendly motor
    grader in the world.
  • Structures, Drawbar, Circle and
    Moldboard - The 12M frame provides a solid
    working platform, and the DCM
    delivers service ease and precise blade
    control for maximum productivity.
  • Integrated Electronic Solutions - Full systems integration with advanced
    electronics including Cat® Messenger,
    AccuGrade™ blade control system and
    Cat ET, create a “Smart Machine” that
    optimizes performance and availability.

  • Engine ModelCAT C6.6 ACERT VHP
    Base Power (1st Gear) - Net118 kW
    VHP Plus Range - Net118 - 129 kW
    Moldboard - Width3.668 m
    Gross Vehicle Weight14,998 kg
    Displacement6.6 L
    Bore105 mm
    Stroke125 mm
    Torque Rise (VHP Plus)40%
    Max. Torque (VHP Plus)963 N·m
    Speed At Rated Power2,000 rpm
    Number of Cylinders6
    Derating Altitude3505 m
    Max. Fan Speed1,450 rpm
    Min. Fan Speed600 rpm
    Standard – Ambient Capability43° C
    High Ambient – Max. Fan Speed 1,650 rpm
    High Ambient – Min. Fan Speed 600 rpm
    High Ambient Capability50° C

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