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CAT 140H

CAT 140H

The 140H blends productivity and durability to give you the best return on your investment.

  • Engine - The Cat 3176 ETA is designed to handle
    the tough loads. Variable Horsepower
    matches torque curves to the gear,
    to maximize response, power and
    efficiency. Low fuel consumption
    reduces operating costs and reduces
    environmental impact.
  • Power Train - The power shift transmission takes full
    advantage of the powerful 3176 ETA
    engine. Variable Horsepower uses
    specific torque curves for each gear
    range for optimum performance. Dual air
    system and multi-disc oil brakes assure
    reliable braking control.
  • Hydraulics - The load-sensing hydraulic system
    lowers power consumption and system
    heat. The advanced PPPC control
    valves provide low lever effort,
    balanced flow and consistent cylinder
    speeds for outstanding blade control.
    Blade float is incorporated into the
    blade lift valves.
  • Operator’s Station - Low effort blade controls, electronic
    throttle control, EMS III monitoring
    system, and improved ventilation
    provide world-class operator control
    and comfort. Improved visibility to
    the front and rear increase operator
    confidence and productivity.
  • Environmentally Responsible Design - New engine arrangements and operator
    station designs reduce emissions and
    meet current and anticipated regulations
    for interior and exterior sound levels,
    emissions, exhaust.

  • Engine ModelCAT 3176 ETA Engine
    Base Power All Gears123 kW
    VHP Plus Range - Net123 - 153 kW
    Moldboard - Width3658 mm
    Gross Vehicle Weight14,677 kg
    Counterweight10,097 mm
    Displacement10.3 L
    Bore125 mm
    Stroke140 mm
    Torque Rise (VHP Plus)50%
    Max. Torque (VHP Plus)1095 N.m
    Speed At Rated Power2000 RPM
    Number of Cylinders6
    Derating Altitude3048 m
    Max. Fan Speed1210 RPM
    Min. Fan Speed500 RPM
    Standard – Ambient Capability47°C
    High Ambient – Max. Fan Speed1300 RPM
    High Ambient – Min. Fan Speed500 RPM
    High Ambient Capability50°C

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