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The Light King

The Light King

Exclusive to ETL, The Light King has been designed and built by Modern Transport Engineers to provide an effective solution for lighting worksites at night.

Mounted on a Lonking CDM6225H excavator, this light bar has an impressive light output, and can fully illuminate large worksites with ease. It features 3 LED stadium panel lights with outputs of 162,000 lumens each!

Gamma GM-S1200 Light Panels

These light panels feature the double protection of tempered glass with PC lens to prevent discolouration of the lens.

Hyundai Diesel Silent Generator 5500W

A economical, reliable diesel power in a portable package. An electric start and low noise level complete this package.

  • Gamma GM-S1200 Light Panels
    Nominal Wattage1200W
    Operating Temperature-30C to +40C
    Beam Angles10, 15, 15x45, 30, 45, 60
    Lumen Efficacy135 lm/W
    Lumen Output162,000 lm (+/-5%)
    Hyundai Diesel Silent Generator 5500W
    Engine11hp diesel
    Maximum Output5500W
    Rated Output5000W
    Rated Voltage230V
    Fuel Capacity14.5L
    Run Time50% load: 12h, 75% load: 9.2h, 100% load: 7.5h

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