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Doosan DL200Doosan DL200Doosan DL200Doosan DL200
Doosan DL200Doosan DL200Doosan DL200Doosan DL200

Doosan DL200

Compact and robust, the Doosan DL200-5 wheel loader provides excellent manoeuvrability in narrow and confined spaces − and, with the wide selection of attachments available, it can handle a very wide range of applications, including work in sand pits, concrete plants, road construction, water and sewer projects, waste management and recycling, agriculture, foods and industry.

The Doosan DL200-5 saves on fuel consumption too. Operators can choose between 3 engine modes − simply by pushing a button to toggle between modes − to adjust performance to the application and work with the right balance of power and fuel economy.

  • Operating Weight11,640kg
    Bucket Capacity1.9m³
    Engine Type1204F
    Engine Power142hp (106 kW) at 2.200RPM
    Max Torque560Nm at 1400rpm
    Tipping Load9.635kg/8.510 kg
    Height At Bucket Pivot Point3.730mm
    Breakout Force100kN
    Standard Tyres20.5R25
    Wheelbase2.900 mm
    Turning radius5.245mm/5.795mm
    Overall length7.135mm
    Overall height3.280mm

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