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Komatsu WA500-8Komatsu WA500-8Komatsu WA500-8Komatsu WA500-8
Komatsu WA500-8Komatsu WA500-8Komatsu WA500-8Komatsu WA500-8

Komatsu WA500-8

The WA500-8 is a utility performer that offers an outstanding combination of stability, breakout power and tractive effort to customers. It's perfect for any moving, transport or loading job. Available machine attachments extend the machine’s versatility to waste handling or quarry applications.

  • Up to 7 % lower fuel consumption
  • Superior dumping height and reach
  • Automatic digging system
  • Operating Weight34,875kg
    Bucket Capacity5.3m³
    Engine TypeSAA6D140E-7
    Engine Power357hp(266kW) at 1900RPM
    Max Torque1,785Nm at 1400RPM
    Tipping Load2,775kg
    Height At Bucket Pivot Point4,770mm
    Breakout Force276kN
    Standard Tyres29.5R25
    Turning Radius8,235mm
    Overall Length9,990mm
    Overall Height3,800mm

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