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Lonking CDM6150 Rock Breaker

Lonking CDM6150 Rock Breaker

Cummins Engine

  • The original Cummins high power, high torque and turbo-charging 4-cylinder direct injection engine guarantees the high reliability and durability. The air-air inter cooler system over the compressed air can enhance the oxygen content upon combustion markedly. The center fuel injection under high injection pressure allows the uniform atomizing of fuel, guarantees the normal combustion and reduces the exhaust emission. And the engine conforming to Euro ⅢA emission standard is optional.

Filtering System

  • The high efficiency dual element air filter ensures the quality of engine air intake. In addition, the air pre-filter can carry out the rough filtration over the air intake to enable the operation under the high dust concentration working conditions and prolong the maintenance interval of the air filter. The oil-water separator and two-stage fuel filter will filtrate the fuel many times to ensure the quality of fuel fed to the engine.

Cooling System

  • The parallel radiator makes cooling effect better and service easier.

Maintenance and Service

  • The easy maintenance of direct injection engine reduces the cost of maintenance.

Rock Breaker Attachment

  • Specs for the rock breaker attachment are yet TBD
  • Engine Model 4BTAA3.9-C (Stage IIA)
    Rated Power86 kW (117hp) /2200 rpm
    Max. torque424 N.m/1600 rpm
    Bore 102 mm
    Stroke120 mm
    Displacement3.9 L
    Operating Weight14,000 kg
    Ground Pressure45 kPa
    Fuel Tank270 L
    Cooling System23 L
    Engine Oil14 L
    Swing Drive Unit1.8 L
    Traveling Gear 2×2.5 L
    Hydraulic Oil Tank159 L
    Traveling Speed3.34 - 5.5 km/h
    Maximum Traction113 kN
    Boom Length4600 mm
    Arm Length2500 mm

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