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Sakai R2H-2K

Sakai R2H-2K

Versatile static three wheel roller for various types of paving compaction jobs.

Best compaction quality and efficiency.

  • Equal static linear pressure across all drums provides uniform compaction.
  • Articulated centre-point steering.
  • The all-drum hydrostatic drive with the largest diameter drums leaves a smooth finish and minimizes pushing and shoving of hot mix asphalt (HMA) mat.
  • Applicable to thin HMA layers such as SMA and OGFC where vibratory compaction is not allowed.

High safety standards

  • 1m x 1m visibility
  • Emergency brake pedal is standard.

Easy Maintenance

  • Operating weight9,980 kg
    Load on front4,880 kg
    Load on rear5,100 kg
    Overall length5,020 mm
    Overall width2,100 mm
    Overall height3,060 mm
    Wheelbase3,400 mm
    Engine ModelV3307-DI-T-E2B-RRSH1
    Engine TypeDiesel, water cooled, 4 cycle, 4 cylinder with turbo charger

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