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Sakai SV400TF

Sakai SV400TF

Excellent performance

  • Well-balanced front and rear weight distribution contributes to excellent traction and slope climbing ability.
  • Three basic drum tupes are available; smooth drum, padfoot drum and smooth-to-padfoot quick-change combination drum.

Easy operation and riding comfort

  • Despite powerful vibration, the chassis and operator are fully protected from vibration thanks to SAKAI's patented, unique vibration isolation system.
  • Due to the rubber isolator mounted operator deck, the operator's riding comfort is excellent, and electrical instruments and gauges are free from vibration.

Excellent serviceability

  • The engine and hydraulic components are enclosed in a compartment. The engine hood opens fully for easy access to engine and hydraulic components for service and maintenance.
  • Large ball bearing and taper bearings are employed in the centerpin mechanism to prolong service life and lubrication intervals.

  • Gross Weight8,840 kg
    Load On Front5,110 kg
    Load On Rear3,730 kg
    Overall Length5,000 mm
    Overall Width1,920 mm
    Rolling Width1,700 mm
    Wheelbase2,650 mm
    Engine ModelTCD2011L04W
    Engine TypeDiesel, Water-cooled, 4-cycle, 4-cylinder, with turbo charger
    TransmissionHydrostatic Transmission
    VibratorEccentric Shaft Type

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