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Sakai SW502S

Sakai SW502S

Vibratory Tandem Roller / Vibratory Combined Roller

  • All-drum drive, articulated steering compact size double drum type (SW) and combination type (TW) vibrating roller.
  • Eco Mode
  • Best Compaction Quality and Efficiency
  • High Safety Standards
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Operating Weight3,990 kg
    Load On Front1,990 kg
    Load On Rear2,000 kg
    Overall Length3,100 mm
    Overall width1,390 mm
    Overall height1,705 mm
    Wheelbase2,300 mm
    Engine ModelV2203-M-ET04 (Interim Tier4)
    Engine TypeDiesel, water cooled, 4 cycle, 4 cylinder
    VibratorEccentric shaft
    Fuel Tank50 L
    Hydraulic Oil Tank49 L
    Sprinkler Tank310 L

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