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MTE 3R4 Widener

MTE 3R4 Widener

  • Deck Ride Height 920 mm
    Deck Closed Width 2500 mm
    Deck Length9750 mm
    Forward Length9200 mm
    Deck TypeHigh Tensile Steel Deck with 18 mm Treated Plywood
    AxlesMTE 17.5” 10ST, 12.25” x 7.5” Brake Shoes
    BrakesPacific Brakes, NON EBS/ABS
    SuspensionMTE Hydraulic Ball Type Suspension
    Capacity (GVW)40,000 kg
    Rub PlateSingle Position Fixed Rubplate, 1337mm Height
    King Pin50mm Drop-in
    Ramps2400 mm x 860 mm Hydraulic Ramps
    Landing LegsRows of 4 Pin Type Landing Legs
    HydraulicsHydraulics powered by Truck PTO
    Wheels17.5” x 6”, Steel Wheels
    Tyres215/75 17.5” Synergy Tyres

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